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Chipahua is a special blend of herbs and flower essences to help close energetically from healing or wellness sessions. While Chipahua can be sprayed on the entire body like a myst, it is recommended to  spray it directly on the joints and top of head after a session. It is a great formula for practitioners and body workers but not exclusive to them. 

Ingredients: Pink Sage*, Black Sage*, CA Bay Leaf*, Mugwort*, Cannabis Flower, Basil, Rue, Pericón, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Aloe, Pirul, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil of Peppermint, Golden Ear Drops Flower Essence & Dandelion Flower Essence.

* CA Native Plants

Golden Ear Drops helps process and release painful or toxic memories from the past (specifically from our childhood), which can come up during healing sessions. It helps nourish and gain insight from these past experiences so that we can be at a better more healthier place.

Dandelion helps us process anger or rage that is directed outwards towards others or inward towards yourself. It helps to clear the energetic patterns of addictive behaviors and supports the release of emotional and physical imbalances that feed hormonal imbalances.

Use Externally Only. Do not use on opened wounds or if pregnant. Herbs are warming and may stimulate the uterus.