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Axochitl 4oz

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Axochitl, meaning Agua de Flores or Flower Water in Nahuatl, is a blend of citruses, barks, spices, home grown herbs, home grown flowers, and home made flower essences. Axochitl is my version of an Agua Florida, a powerful liquid that is used to cleanse sacred space and sacred items. You can place it on altars, inside altar water and when doing any kind of ritual work. Axochitl helps move stagnant or negative energy from your aura as well as the space around you. The medicines inside Axochitl are used collectively with the intention of supporting you in feeling more grounded, centered and protected. Feeling Axochitl all around you is receiving big comforting hug at any time of the day. Axochitl contains no carcinogenic or synthetic coloring, fragrances and chemicals. It is hand made (not machine made) in small batches with Amor, Intention, and Ceremonia.

How To Use:

You can use Axochitl to cleanse altars, sacred spaces, homes, offices, and spray on yourself directly as daily body myst. It is a great alternative to clear out your energy or spaces in times when you can not use smoke/burn incense or sacred medicines to cleanse or when you want to connect more with the water element.  


I started making Agua Florida in 2012 to use when I gave myself Limpias (cleanses with herbs). Once I made a recipe that felt good, I started using in my private practice. I would spray it before, during and after energy healing sessions or Limpias. I'm a doula so I also found it very helpful when clearing out energy in my client's homes and at the birth centers. I found it especially useful at hospital births where the energy of the rooms is sometimes sterile or where I was not able to burn any medicine to clear the space out. Eventually, I started getting the "what is that smell?" or "can you make me whatever you sprayed?" questions and so, I started selling Agua Florida under the brand Cantos De La Tierra. As a celebration of making this Agua now for almost 7 years, I felt like it needed something to help honor all the ways it has taken care of me an others so I hired local artist Celeste De Luna (@ofthemoonilustrations) and a graphic designer Froy Mendoza (@fm_gfx) to help create Axochitl's new design. It is with great joy that I offer Axochitl back into the world with a new brand but the same commitment to share intentional herbal medicine with the community. I chose a Nahuatl world to honor one of my ancestral languages. With Axochitl, I am honoring my journey of becoming a medicine maker and I am also honoring my ancestors. 

Precautions: Do not spray directly into the eyes. Do not spray directly on an open flame since it contains alcohol for preservation.