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Besos Sagrados

Besos Sagrados

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Besos Sagrados is a Reiki Infused Candle and Body Anointing Oil. You can use this oil directly on the temples, energetic centers of the body, and to dress or fix your candles. 

Ingredients: Mexican White Copal, Rose, Moonstone, Home Grown White Sage, Yarrow & Almond Oil.

Below is a brief summary of the medicinal properties of the ingredients in this oil:

Copal has ancient medicinal properties. In this oil, we are invoking its healing energy to help you feel more centered within yourself. It also helps clear and purify energies. Copal is anti-inflammatory, analgesic,  supports the respiratory system by rubbing it on your chest, is great for paining itchiness due to insect bites, helps heal wounds, is an antidepressant, used to support with anxiety and recovery from emotional trauma. 

Rose is a heart medicine great to help nourish and strengthen the heart as well as attract love and cultivate love from within. 

White Sage is also a medicine to help elevate your energy and clear negative energy around your energy field. Because of the dangers that this plant currently faces from being over harvested by large corporations, only homegrown white sage is used in this formula. 

Yarrow is a protective plant and it also helps to cultivate healthy boundaries with your self and with other people/ energies around you. 

Moonstone helps inspire as well as enhance your intuition. It also helps cultivate inner growth and strength. Moonstone is a great stone for new beginnings. It helps stabilize and calm emotions.

Use Externally Only. Do not use on opened wounds or if pregnant. Herbs are warming and may stimulate the uterus.