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Alcohol Mágico 4oz

Alcohol Mágico 4oz

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When it comes to muscle and bone pain, some people prefer a pain relieving salve or oil while others may prefer an herbal infused alcohol for topical use. Now, you may wonder, "Well, when would I need a salve or oil VS an alcohol? Why use one over the other?" The truth is that sometimes we are in so much pain that rubbing the skin or touching it is not an option. It hurts too much so using a salve or massage oil may not be the best option at the moment because those need to be massaged into the skin to get absorbed. Alcohol, on the other hand, is easy and very effective to use. It penetrates the skin into the muscle, joint, and bone much quicker. You can keep it by the side of your bed or office space and spray directly on the skin. It feels cold when it touches the skin but it quickly penetrates providing immediate relief. All of these plants are great anti-inflammatory herbs that help soothe any achy bones, ligaments and muscles. 

Ingredients: The Alcohol Mágico (magic alcohol) is made with home grown eucalyptus and rosemary. 

Arnica Flower Essence- helps heal deep shock which can become locked in the body and sometimes prevents full healing and recovery. Arnica flower essence has the capacity to support with this deep shock at the physical and energetic level. The essence helps our soul integrate the experience and fully inhabit the part of our body that was impacted. It helps us recover those pieces of ourselves lost in times of shock allowing a more genuine expression of the self. 

Staghorn Cholla Cactus Flower Essence-  helps activate our capacity for self-reconstruction after a time of transformation and change. It helps us when we feel disoriented, restless, unfocused, exhausted, stressed. Staghorn Cholla Cactus helps us understand that change happens in harmony with our own destiny. 

Mexican Star Flower Essence- helps bring strength and confidence to all aspects of our life. This essence is a great support when we feel like we need a specific person or thing in order to survive in life. It brings the spirit a great sense of trust in our own self, our uniqueness and our autonomy. It deepens our connection to our intuition and inner self.  

Precautions: For external use only. DO not spray on cracked or opened skin. Do not use if pregnant. Do not spray directly into the eyes. Do not spray directly on an open flame since it contains alcohol.